Your marketing and publishing challenges are unique. And so are our solutions. Our team of experts uses all of the strategies and tricks in our toolbox to take your company to its end goal. Brand development, strategic planning, content marketing, white papers, case studies, ebooks, website development, SEO, SEM, PPC, email campaigns, social media, video marketing, advertising, publicity, special events, and publishing and journalistic writing … we’ve mastered them all and we use them to your advantage.

Strategic Planning

A successful marketing program starts with solid planning. The first and most important step is an intelligence gathering session. We learn about your company’s strengths, challenges, goals, target audiences, the market, and the competition. We take a look at your current marketing programs to see what’s working, and where you might want to shake things up a bit for a greater marketing ROI.

Brand Development

If your brand were a person, what attributes would it have? What emotion drives every purchase made by your target customers? These are the kinds of out-of-the-box questions we’ll ask in order to design your unique company story…and help you create a memorable brand that sells.

Content Marketing & Journalistic Writing

What makes us different from many content marketing writers is our expertise as marketing strategists, giving us the foundation to view every project (blogs, ebooks, white papers, case studies, infographics, presentations, and videos) through the lens of the client’s broader marketing perspective. 

We also have extensive experience in the world of publishing (articles, magazines and books), which has its own set of rules, standards and relationships. Our writers produce engaging journalistic copy on time and in a professional voice that represents our clients’ publications, always with the purpose of inspiring readers. 

Web Site Development

SEO, SEM, bandwidth, HTML, RSS, domains, ISP, hosting, meta tags. The lingo of web design can be confusing. But our team knows its way around the world of bits and bytes. We stay on top of the latest developments in the field, and we use every strategy we know to create a web site that gives your company a dominant position.

Marketing Collaterals

Every company needs an integrated portfolio of marketing collaterals. Brochures, flyers, e-blasts, newsletters, signs, point-of-purchase materials, and more. Each has a different purpose, but they all help to raise visibility for your brand, and spread the word about your products or services.

Video Production & Marketing

Video moves people. It grabs their attention and jump-starts their emotions. Video marketing is the hottest trend in marketing these days. Now that Smartphones and other mobile devices are a way of life, video marketing is a must for every serious business owner.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media has entirely changed the way people communicate…and the way they get their information. Marketing is now a two-way conversation that lives in real time 24/7. We’ll help you manage those conversations and build your brand across the various social media platforms.

Digital & Traditional Advertising

What’s the fastest way to drive clicks to your website and leads to your sales team? PPC ads, plain and simple. It’s a science and an art – and a digital marketing discipline that’s constantly changing. Want even more leads? Social media ads come next, Facebook, Instagram, and other new-flavor-of-the-day platforms. And yes, there’s sometimes still a place for traditional advertising (print, radio, TV, or even billboards) in a strong marketing mix. We’ll create a targeted and measurable plan that reaches out to find potential customers and delivers them to you.

Publicity Campaigns

When a news outlet or social media site reports on your company, you get the benefit of an implied, indirect third-party endorsement. It’s all rather subliminal, but the press gatekeepers still manage traditional media and influence consumers’ thinking. As for the social media side, that’s a whole new arena that continues to evolve. Our team understands the art of working with the media, and how to use publicity to your advantage.

Speaking Engagements and Speech Writing

Consumers and business professionals alike still listen to a person that they see as an authority on a designated subject. We’ll book you at the venues that matter most to your target audiences…write your speech…and fully train you for your speaking engagements.

Special Events

From educational events to press conferences to internal company meetings, we’ve done it all. We’ll handle your corporate or consumer events from top to bottom, including planning, production, promotion, on-site management, and publicity.

Crisis Management

World-class companies prepare for what may happen in the marketplace. If you company is in a category where a crisis could significantly affect your business outcome, we’ll help you prepare in advance. Our team provides simulations, message development, preparedness training, and media training so that your company is presented in the best possible light.