About Us

Our experts are your marketing go-to team, ready to move your company into a dominant position.

When you work with us and our extended team, you have access to a full team of experts representing all of the communications-related disciplines in both the traditional and social media marketplaces. We have the depth and diversity of experience to quickly identify your key challenges and respond with tailor-made marketing communications solutions that will powerfully move you forward towards your business’ end goal.

Brand Development  •  Strategic Programming  •  Content Marketing  •  Journalistic Writing & Editing  •  Website Development   • Video Marketing
Digital & Traditional Advertising  •  Social Media  •  Publicity   •  Special Events   •  Speaking Engagements   •  Crisis Management

WordWorks Enterprises LLC
Award-winning, full-service marketing & public relations agency

Denise Caiazzo - Founder _ Marketing to Riches

Luis Prieto
Innovative video production and multi-media marketing solutions

Sapphire Studios Photography
Flawless corporate and glamour photography services delivered with an artistic touch


Mark on Design
Creative branding design studio providing brand development, advertising, and marketing integration

Megangela Graphics
Graphic design house with a flair for creating marketing and advertising pieces that move the needles on sales and stay within budget with a fast turnaround