11 Ways to Use Video in Branding Your Business

Tell the truth now…would you rather watch a short 2-minute video or read several pages of text to find out about a product? Most consumers would choose video, hands down. So promotional video has to be part of your marketing plan.

There’s no doubt that our information-based society is becoming increasingly visual. Why? Partly because nearly everyone with disposable income has a mobile device(s), has been to YouTube, and is on social media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So, if you want to get the word out about your company, product or service, video is the way to go.

In this blog, I’m going to skip right over the production phase. Let’s imagine that you already have your high-quality, professionally produced videos in hand. Now how do you use them to brand and promote your business?


  1. Post the videos on your YouTube channel. And if you don’t have a channel yet, it’s time to get crackin’. Then promote the videos to your subscribers.
  2. Put the videos on your company’s web site, especially on the home page above the fold.
  3. Include them in your blog posts. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth exponentially more.
  4. Run the videos in your company’s lobby or waiting area where customers and prospects will see them.
  5. Have your sales team send videos to prospects and current customers. It helps to tell a good story and build relationships.
  6. Include a video or two in your company’s customer enewsletter.
  7. Let videos show your important stories and news in eblast campaigns to your customer database.
  8. Feature the videos in your posts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Viroll, and other social media.
  9. Send videos to the press as background info when pitching stories or as broll to run with broadcasted interviews.
  10. Show them at employee events to create excitement and boost morale.
  11. Run the videos in your booth at trade shows and expos, and any other type of customer-facing special event.

If you’re ready to get started producing some great, high-quality videos about your company, let us know. Our professional videographer will walk you through every step of the process. And if you’re a marketing consultant who wants to offer video production to your clients but you don’t have the capability, call us. We’ll be happy to work hand-in-hand with you as an extended part of your team to bring added value to your client relationship.